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A leader with big ideas, and a second Superior who led from the background. Two long-time friends who were different but the same. And an idea for an Organization. Sound familiar? It should, because it is not only the story of Xainzre and Zenothx, two Nobodies fresh from the smoking ruins of the Organization they had betrayed. It’s the story of 13DaysToTheEndOfTime and lucy12143, and the group they created.

I want to keep this letter simple, so I’ll start with the most important thing: I want to acknowledge 13DaysToTheEndOfTime. This group was her brainchild, and she set up its structure, its systems, and much of the preliminary art. She supervised the only plot we ever ran, the Oddities plot, and I know she had many, many more ideas that never emerged from behind the scenes. I wish they had; I wish this group had held together longer, had gone on with new members, new ideas, and new stories. But as Robert Frost said, nothing gold can stay. The days when Jaaxny was in the kitchen, Ryxeme was smoking in the mainroom, and Shax was being an antisocial little shit in the TR made me so happy. I wish we could have had more days like those.

I want to specially mention four members who went above and beyond at various times in this club.

knightlymuse, do you still remember our furious competition for EXP? You completed more missions than almost anyone in the Organization, and you were incredibly involved in the chat when Discordiae was still active. Thank you for being such a strong contributor.

LordKnightXiron, you completed more than a few missions yourself, in addition to winning our one and only contest. Thank you for always being a supporter and quietly productive member.

werecatkai, you climbed the ranks of Discordiae faster than anyone else (I blame your proliferation of comics in the DLV competition)  and you were a big part of more than one minor plot, including the request mission with the rogues and the roleplay that ended Gramshix’s time in the Organization. You were the only member to have to start over from scratch with a  new character, and I’d like to mention that Gramshix had 343 EXP and had achieved blue rank when he left. Thank you for  your friendly personality and the incredible effort you put behind everything you did.

patchworktrickster, thank you for the art you have contributed, even and especially as Discordiae was dying. (I’m afraid Shax’s dislike of alcohol and cheerful people doomed his relationship with Adlynx from the start.) I know I always looked forward to your (occasionally questionable) art of our characters, and I wanted to thank you for your sporadic but meaningful participation.

And one final thank-you to the only member who has been with Discordiae from the moment it was founded to its final closing: our sole Superior lucy12143. It was my pleasure to lurk behind the scenes and watch you and Zenothx grow as people, and I thank you for taking on the burden of Discordiae all by yourself. The colossal amount of time and energy you put into the Manor layout and magic diagrams in particular was incredible, and I hope that passers-by this shuttered and empty Organization will stop to admire your wonderful work.

I fell in love with Organization Discordiae even before it opened to the public, and it was my honor to participate in those long discussions with my Superiors, write up informational journals, and do everything I could to keep this Organization alive. I’m sure all of you got tired at some point of my endless request missions, exposition-filled character art, and terrible, terrible drawings, but thank you for putting up with my dedication to and obsession with this group as long as you did. (I suppose I should be content that I at least accomplished my lifelong goal of bringing Shax to red level.)

I wish Discordiae had gotten the time and attention it deserved, wish those roleplays and missions and non-existent feeling could have lasted longer. I wish we had attracted more members and gone on to become a thriving online community like Org-Infinitus or even org-eternal in its heyday, which so many of you are longstanding members of. I wish we could have had some grand finale, or some last, action-filled plot, or at least a few pieces of meaningful art about the disbanding of the Organization. But this is how Discordiae ends, not with a bang but with a whimper, and I hope you all at least valued the time we had.

The end of a story is natural – no novel continues forever, and I only know of one TV show that’s run for decades. I hope that wherever you all choose to go from here, Discordians former and present, you will find something that makes you as happy as Discordiae made me. We’ve run out of time here, and the story of Xainzre, Zenothx, Jaaxny, Shax, Ryxeme, Ittabihx, Redwx, Caelixic, Gramshix, Adlynx, Xoddi, Ehxisnt, Onxamss, and Inaxsyen is coming to a close. I hope you won’t forget the things you did here.

And so finally, I want to thank you all for the time you gave this Organization.

Cath, cath222-aa4, WomanWhoDoesThings, assistant to the Superiors, and finally contributor and admin of Organization Discordiae.
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